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Staff Directory

To contact a teacher via email, just click on the appropriate envelope icon in front of their name. Teachers with active websites are listed in blue. To access their website, just click on the teachers name.

Contact Sheila Baer  Sheila Baer Music Teacher
Contact Vickie Brack  Vickie Brack KinderdartenTeacher
Contact Karen Brinkmann  Karen Brinkmann Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Sarah Brune  Sarah Brune Office Clerk
Contact Denise Bunch  Denise Bunch Second Grade Teacher
Contact Shannon Eads  Shannon Eads Paraprofessional
Contact Kendra Fennessey  Kendra Fennessey Principal
Contact Christopher Garrison  Christopher Garrison Computer Science Teacher
Contact Megan Gerling  Megan Gerling Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Kimberly Godar  Kimberly Godar Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Jennifer Graham  Jennifer Graham Clerk / Secretary
Contact Denise Gregor  Denise Gregor Third Grade teacher
Contact Ashley Guelbert  Ashley Guelbert Second Grade Teacher
Contact Christina Haddox  Christina Haddox Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Robyn Holdmeyer  Robyn Holdmeyer Special Education Teacher
Contact Danielle Holt  Danielle Holt First Grade Teacher
Contact Barb Jankowski  Barb Jankowski Third Grade Teacher
Contact Emily Kania  Emily Kania Paraprofessional
Contact Jennifer Kelley  Jennifer Kelley Fifth Grade Teacher
Contact Jamie Koch  Jamie Koch Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Kim LaBoube  Kim LaBoube Counselor
Contact Kelsey Lowe  Kelsey Lowe Paraprofessional
Contact Christina Machelett  Christina Machelett Art Teacher
Contact Nikki Machelett  Nikki Machelett Paraprofessional
Contact Rebecca McDuffie  Rebecca McDuffie Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Erin Meyer  Erin Meyer Special Education Teacher
Contact Hannah Meyer  Hannah Meyer Third Grade Teacher
Contact Wendi Miller  Wendi Miller Second Grade Teacher
Contact Shannon Neier  Shannon Neier Speech
Contact Austin Peirick  Austin Peirick P.E. Teacher
Contact Sally Phillips  Sally Phillips Assistant Principal
Contact Debbie Puls  Debbie Puls Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Janet Reed  Janet Reed Librarian
Contact Lynette Riechers  Lynette Riechers Second Grade Teacher
Contact Denise Sachs  Denise Sachs Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Cynthia Schmidt  Cynthia Schmidt First Grade Teacher
Contact Diana Schuenemeyer  Diana Schuenemeyer Paraprofessional
Contact Katie Shea  Katie Shea Fourth Grade Teacher
Contact Leisha Sitzes  Leisha Sitzes Nurse
Contact Sandra Van Leer  Sandra Van Leer Paraprofessional
Contact Jackie Vandiver  Jackie Vandiver Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Connie Wachter  Connie Wachter First Grade Teacher
Contact Jamie Watts  Jamie Watts Sixth Grade Teacher
Contact Tammy Witte  Tammy Witte Title I